Full name

Daria Mace




Oakland, CA


“Nothing makes me happier than to see the JOY on someone’s face when they see their beloved pet captured on a canvas. Someone gave me that gift when my dog passed, and I’d like to share it with others, …because I can ...and because I do it with love.”

Daria had been a budding artist since the age of 2 years old when she first finger painted all four walls of her bedroom. Her parents could appreciate that more when she pursued a professional career in Graphic Design post-college. After 10+ years in this industry, she then broadened her creative expression to include fine art, web design, costume design, jewelry making, ceramics, and creative directing to name a few. Today, she continues to explore many artistic avenues, including her newfound passion of painting dogs and other pet’s portraits.

“For this process, I first paint the pet on thick watercolor paper. I then, literally, ‘cut it out’ and adhere it to a pre-prepared canvas – for a unique collage-like creation. This way, the pet seems to 'stand out'. My hope is that you enjoy the final portrait as much as I enjoy creating them. Thank you for visiting!”


The Background Story: A Pet Portrait makes a great gift!



When my first dog, Mila, passed away in 2007, I was devastated and deeply sad for a long time thereafter. My friends got together and surprised me with an artist’s portrait of her. It was so touching and wonderful, I remember crying with tears of joy! I hung it up at ‘dog’ level and it made me feel like she was still with me.

That’s when I decided to help spread the gift that pets bring into our lives. I started out doing dog portraits and soon realized that it combines both my passion for dogs and creating memorable art pieces. Soon I was getting requests for cats, squirrels, iguanas and more!

My current dog is Baba Ghanouj. He is my muse, my side-kick, and my scratching post. (Pictured above ^ Find his portrait in the Gallery!)

Would you please let others know about my service? I would love to continue painting the joy that pets bring to their owners and the world.

I think it’s a special gift for any occasion; birthdays, memento, group gift, any holiday, or just because.




“Daria is a wonderful, talented, passionate artist.
Her love and connection to animals shine through her portraits.

Daria’s skill and attuned sensitivity allow her to lovingly capture the spirit and character of a pet’s face and likeness.

Her vibrant color palettes are carefully chosen and evoke a bright, warm and comforting feeling.

Daria has a sweet, gentle soul which comes through in capturing a loving pet’s memory.”

– Keiko F., San Francisco